“The Social Dilemma” Highlights Nazi Germany Patterns of Unhealthy Masculinity | Ep #34

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The fact that Social Media and “screen time” creates a damaging internal ripple effect is nothing new. What’s different about The Social Dilemma is the message is coming directly from the very people who created the services we are so addicted to today. 

I’d highly recommend you stop and watch the documentary if you haven’t already. 

Today we cover: 

  • Ways to reconnect to your strength, truth, and internal compass in a time when everyone is feeling lost. 
  • Ways you can adjust your relationship with software/websites options available today.
  • The similarities of 1930’s Germany and where the US is today. 
  • The ways Germany slowly eroded the humanity of certain people and molded their society to tolerate more and more hate. 
  • How hard it was to take a stand against the wrongs then and how it’s still hard today. 
  • What “taking a stand” looks like practically. 


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Netflix Documentary: The Social Dilemma

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