Why it’s Scary to Embrace Vulnerability & Why You Should do it Anyway with Jeremy Cearbaugh | Ep: #31

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How to be an emotional and vulnerable badass.

Vulnerability has become a trendy word in the last few years but still manages to be something that eludes most men. There’s a reason we avoid it like the plague even though deep down our heart is longing for intimate connection.

Today we dive into:

  • Why is vulnerability so scary?
  • How celebrating success can be vulnerable.
  • Why you need to have men in your life you are vulnerable with on a regular basis. 
  • Tangible ways to deepen a relationship with other men through vulnerability. 


Jeremy Cearbaugh is the program manager for the semesters and ambassador branch of Adventures, an organization that helps young adults deepen their relationship with God and each other through shared experiences. He, his wife, and three children are based in Gainsville, Georgia. 

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  • Josh first of all I wanted to say thank you for this podcast! This one was especially helpful to me because I feel being vulnerable is necessary to cultivate healthy relationships with myself and the community of people I choose to have in my life. I agree with the statement of authenticity and vulnerability going hand and hand. Really felt the portion about the need for adventure and shared experiences and how important those can be. I was on a sister trip when we listened to this and we probably discussed this for a couple hours about how we both have some vulnerability issues that stem from childhood on the way were raised. That conversation led to diving deep into those feelings and talking about how that has impacted us in our adult life. Thank for for making me think and being able to dive into that.

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