Why You Need To Learn How To Prune Like A Gardener | Ep #29

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Pruning hurts, but it will change your life.

No, we’re not talking about how to grow a garden today. We’re talking about the principles of pruning and how applying them to your life can significantly help alter your ability to anchor in your masculinity. 

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Intro Do you have three minutes, then you have enough time to improve your day. Who knows maybe even your life. And if you’ve got five minutes, then I ask that you pause, go ahead and leave a review. They mean the world to me. All right. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s Three Minute Thought.

00:20 Today, we’re going to talk about pruning. Now, I’m not going to go into an, a whole practice that you should integrate into your life if you do great, but more. So why is pruning so important when it comes to growing plants in general? And how does it benefit? And more importantly, why does it matter? And what can you take from the lessons with pruning? I think there’s actually a lot that are really important, especially given the circumstances that we find ourselves in today with everything going on. But you have to ask yourself first, what does pruning do for plants? Well, it depends on what plant you’re talking about. Sometimes you want to train or direct the growth of a plant into a specific form, or maybe in a space or to look like a certain design. Whenever you prune, it drives the roots deeper, underground, because they’re looking for nutrients to replace what has been cut from the plant, or maybe you’re just doing it in order to control the size and the shape.

01:23 But if you’re talking about fruit plants, fruit plants, specifically, what printing does for them is it plays a really important role in improving their overall quality of the fruit and the quantity of how much fruit it produces. When should you prune? Well, that depends on the plant itself, but normally just in general, you want to prune after it is flowering. Meaning if you have something that blooms in the spring, well, after it blooms, you want to prune it back. And what that does is printing it back right after it blooms. It sets that plan up for the next season to really grow and produce more or to mold according to what you cut at, et cetera. So where are the life lessons in all of this? Well, the question you have to ask yourself is what do you need to prune? What do you need to remove from your life?

02:25 This could be a, it could be a toxic relationship. It could be an unhealthy mindset. It could be pride, false humility. The feeling that you have to do everything on your own, the list goes on, but it’s important for you to ask yourself, what is it you need to prune from your life. And more importantly is when should you prune it? Right? A lot of things actually service for a period of time and they can be very helpful. But if we hold on to them longer than they should be, and we don’t prune them or cut them out of our life, a lot of times, the very thing that served us for a period of time is the thing that’s holding us back from transitioning into that next level that we’re supposed to step into. So when should you, you’re not supposed to just run around and cut everything out of your life.

03:13 You want to make sure it’s the right time and more importantly why. And if you find the why to things in your life, you find the fuel to push you through the discomfort that’s required to get to the other side. See if pruning in real life. It deepens the roots. What that means is in your life. When you prune, when you cut things out, it is actually helping you become more anchored and deepened your roots in life in who you are, which in turn, that’s what positions you for more growth or output. If we’re talking about the fruit plants. So for most of us, our world has been turned upside down in some form in the last six months. So with everything going on and the changes that we’re experiencing spend five minutes this week and think through what is it that you need to remove in order to become a healthier and more capable man than you are now that will set you up for success moving forward.

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